About Us

Mission statement

Our mission at Del Mar Montessori is to help guide children to a space of independence and self assuredness. We create an environment where the education your child receives will set them on a lifelong path of natural curiosity and desire to learn. We strive to bring about the spontaneous activity of each child, to have a creative stimulating environment, to create a space for the soul satisfying work of the child, to help create an attitude of lending a hand to those less fortunate, to provide a sense of peaceful, calm, and happy life learners, to help each child become an observer of nature, to create an awareness of their place in the universe.

Del Mar Montessori is a healthy, happy, educationally sound community for children ages 4-12 years. Children choose work independently or work in groups. They learn though classroom activities to respect themselves, the environment, and other community members. The 3 hour work period is respected by all members. Care of the environment for us means traditional practical life exercises and organic gardening, composting, recycling, preparation of meals, canning and preserving foods. Last years focus was to use foods grown in a 15 mile radius of our school. Subjects such as reading, composition, literature, math, sciences, history, latin, global studies, geography, art, music and physical development stem from the Great Lessons set forth by Dr. Montessori. Cosmic Education includes outings in the community. While these are suggested and set up by the children they do include the following: museums, concerts, hikes, historical sites, camping, and libraries.