“Hello Guys, This is Ismael, one of your former students. I just wanted to contact you to tell you how grateful I am to you all for the perspective you’ve given me on life in general and the wonderful year I spent with you. I miss the school terribly and I am so glad to see that it is still flourishing and evolving. Thanks to you, I have found the courage to try my luck with music (by the way, I’m still studying) and I have found that your teachings have truly enhanced my life, academically and socially. Thank you  for everything, really, I hope the school keeps on going and continues sending the good vies and teaching our youth.

P.S. All of my family miss you so much.”

– Ismael Jamai Ait Hmitti

“Del Mar Montessori was my child’s second home for 7 years. When he entered middle school I was worried that maybe he wouldn’t be ready. He had attended such a different school than I had. He tested very well and went into honors classes. He brought home straight A’s and said it is the easiest thing ever. We did make the right choice for our youngest child. The school is an amazing place.”

– Jackie H.

“When our children entered Del Mar Montessori it was to have fun for a year and then go public. We stayed for 8 years and never regretted one minute of it. Both of our girls have been at the top of their high schools. But there is something even more important, they approach everything in life with such a clear and keen interest and have profound respect for so many people and things. You honestly can not do better.”

– Amy Z.