Cosmic education , the hope for the future is a direct result of World War II. Dr. Maria Montessori, with her son Mario Montessori were working in India at the outbreak of the war. They were put under house arrest by the British government because they were Italian citizens. There began the foundation of Cosmic Education.

The goal Cosmic Education is to bring a child to ponder the questions “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “Where am I going?”. Dr. Montessori felt children of this 6-12 age group were ready for this philosophical path.

The backbone of Cosmic Education is storytelling and investigational curiosity Every guide must thrive to be a good storyteller, leaving the children to want to know more. They will search out information and write or tell what they have found.

The story of the universe, stars, and planets, and the coming of life on earth. As we move forward they study humans and ancient civilizations. While studying the ancient Chinese they will make paper and investigate fireworks, while building ancient timepieces. The Indian deities bring interesting study of beliefs, dress, ancient writing. The most loved, Ancient Egypt, the life giving Nile, the pyramids and mummies. The city of Alexandria, its library alone brings fascination to children. They explore Mesopotamia. The Hammurabi laws and writing of clay tablets. These studies continue showing the cultures through time with inviting story and unprecedented interest by the children.